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11 February 2010

A lot to say & no words to use

Last week i had something planned, planned to a degree in great detail. I was excited about it & ready to go. Due to circumstances outside my control it didn't happen. Yet i still had obligations to keep, so i had to follow thru. It took ALL the energy i had to fulfill that obligation & all the emotion as well as i was quite upset about the whole thing.

It has just simply not been an easy week. It certainly has had its high-lights - i got to see my Sis & dear friend Brenda. But it has had its really, really low spots as well. Frankly, it seems i've cried a lot this week.

What was going to happen last week will probably occur this week. But i have no plans, no supplies, no obligation to fulfill, no energy for the project, & absolutely no enthusiasm for it whatsoever. So how that's going to all work out is up in the air. Hopefully i can raise some interest in the next few hours, but i'll not have my original excitement or hope. I am totally apathetic, i'm afraid, & left to myself would probably spend much of the weekend in bed with my head under the covers.

Sis #2 lives in San Diego. She drove up a little way on Tuesday & i drove down & we met & had lunch & just kind of hung out. It had been raining on Tuesday & did again later. But the drive down showed the sky dark to the right (north) & sunlight on the water. I tried to creat a panorama of the event. This is only part of it, the sky got much darker to the right, but 180 degrees is difficult to create. This isn't the best view, for the separate pics didn't blend all that well. Click on the pic to enlarge it for a better view.

I've more pics, but will have to post them another day.

I've been going thru internet withdrawl for the past couple of days. No internet at my ILs house, & so except for here & there i've not been on all that much. WAY behind on blog reading.



lisa said...

I have also been having the internet withdrawals especially with my blogging. This time of year is always depressing! Try to think of happy things like your loving hubby and your pets!

Mrs. Mac said...

I hope you get your enthusiasm back AND get plenty of rest this weekend. I never used to buy into the whole wintertime blues idea until a few years ago. I have just climbed out of the winter funk and am anticipating spring ... nice panoramic pic you pasted together.

David said...

i posted something, i hope it makes you smile. Blessings on your day, God is sending us sunshine.