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08 February 2010

Two weeks later

Superbowl was a good game. I didn't particularly care which team won, but it was well played. Coverage (replays) - not so good, however. Duane's opinion is that CBS never has good coverage.

There are a number of things going on with me which i don't feel comfortable talking about right now, so i'm kind of stifling my voice.

However, i took a walk around part of the neighborhood today to get pics of what we look like two weeks after 5 ft of snow (& we've had 6 more inches drop since then). Things seem to be melting quickly, but you tell me what you think.

I added the arrow here. It shows where our curb lies. The rest of that (big) pile of snow is all out in the street. Not sure why they did it this way, maybe because we're on the corner.

Again. See the "crease" in the driveway in front of where Duane is walking? That is the beginning of our driveway. All the rest of that snow is in the street. The road is quite clear, but there is only room for one car at a time.

More storms coming they say, & i hear some folks are freaking out. But there is only about 6 inches predicted & after nearly 5 feet 2 weeks ago, most of us are saying, "Huh! Bring it on! It can't be that bad!" Now, if they were predicting another 2-3 feet i'd be stressed.



Paige said...

That's a lot of snow! We just got hit with 3 ft. last friday. We were snowed in all weekend. The mountains are so beautiful where you are.

I hope the things you are dealing with that you don't want to talk about resolve themselves. :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Polite disagreement is the heart of democracy!

Cheri Pryor said...

Ooh!! The icesicles on the house are preeettty!! (Says the CA girl who is never around the snow. lol!)

Amrita said...

We are gonna have World Cup Hockey in India. Hockey is our national sport. I like soccer more.

Gosh just looking at the snow makes me feel frozen

justme said...

thinking of you and the things that you are having to stifle. i know that feeling and know how hard it must be to deal with what you are thinking about.

Mrs. Mac said...

Hoping you have a good day. The snow is melting nicely ... It will be good for the land to get that water.

millhill said...

That is a very weird way to plow the roads... Maybe they didn't want to pile it in everyone's yard??? Glad it is melting for you. Nice pictures.!

Ruralrose said...

First time visitor. Is this California, it looks like winter here in Canada only this year we have NO snow! I hope your plants are ok. Came here from Mrs. Mac's blog. I came because I wanted to tell you how awesome your comment was in regards to "food poisoning". Your words are so true and there is no reason to be quiet about it. Hope your not stifled for long, the world needs your voice. Peace

Stacey said...

Hey Kathryn, you have an award on my blog! :)

Rosemary said...

My goodness, I can empathize with the snow sickness! I am done with it, I can't do anything about it but oh my gosh, the thrill is gone!

I am sending out some happy vibes your way for whatever it is that you are stifling. I'm sorry about what you are going through.