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05 February 2010

Murphy was an optimist

This has been one week for the Murphy's Law thing.

For a couple of weeks now i've been planning on going to a Monday AM get together where local knitters meet & work on projects together for about an hour. Perfect! I've not a lot of energy, but an hour of knitting with other ladies sounds like a good way to meet folks. But i kept forgetting until too late.

This Monday i remembered. It had been meeting at a local small bookstore but the online calendar said that they'd be at the donut shop this week. So i headed out. Got there & the donut shop folks knew nothing about it. She was, however, excited by the idea.

So i went on to the bookstore thinking they might be there, anyway. But no one was there & the store was closed. So i went back to the donut shop but still no one had arrived. I bought hot tea & took it home. Did call later to discover that one lady did show up eventually, but had been caught in a traffic snarl where they weren't letting traffic thru. (This is a very small town, so for two of us to meet is not probably unusual, but traffic that delays someone half an hour is.) Oh well. There is always next week. If i remember.

I had it arranged for someone to come help in the house today. But she isn't able to come. The problem is i bought a ton of food to have her help me with. It has to be done or thrown away (fresh from farmer's market). So i guess i need to get busy, but i'm overwhelmed. The house is a disaster, too. Had i known she wouldn't come i would have arranged for Patty to come clean today, but it is too late. Normally the house doesn't look quite this bad, but the vacuum broke & we've cat hair everywhere. (Jazz leaves clumps of white hair on every surface, it seems.)

But i'll call Patty & have her come Monday. And probably will get the help i need elsewhere too. Just at the moment i'm completely overwhelmed. Just got to take it one step at a time, but i'm not so good at that. I tend to do too much & then pay for it later.

I really don't have much to complain of, but i do anyway!


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Rosemary said...

Doggone it, I am sorry about the knitting club not coming together correctly. This next one will be different and I bet you have lots of fun! Show pics of what you're making, I love to see them!