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11 March 2010

Cats, cats, cats

Pioneer Woman is having a new photography contest.  This time it is cats.  (It was dogs a couple of weeks ago.)  So, cat photos!  Of course, i think ours should win.  These are the ones i've submitted:

I think i took this one, but i'm not sure (all the others here were taken by Duane).  I like the quality of light here.  Jazz was about 3 months out from a lion cut.

This is so much a "Mac attitude" - him just being smug! that i had to put it in.  This was before we got Jazz.  Mac was also about 4 months out from a lion cut here.  Duane took this pic.

Duane took this of Jazz shortly after we got him.  Jazz was only 8 weeks old when we brought him home.  I love the look of this.  Duane said it looks like a "glamor shot."

Duane took this when Jazz was about 4 months old.  I think this looks like a glamor shot, too.  I love the two cats together like this.  And the colors.

But this was the sequence of events before that pic:  Mac, "Ah, a chance to relax!  No bothersome kitten around.  Sigh.  Just me."

"Hey!  Where'd you come from?  Aaaarrrggg!  Stop biting!"

"Okay, okay!  I'll clean your head.  Just stop biting!"

So, the caption on this pic should really be, "Ah, did you say something?" to the people, NOT "Peaceful coexistence."

I love this pic of Mac, taken about the same time as the ones above.  I'd submit this one, too, but i'm only allowed one per day.

 Jazz, of course, can't leave well enough alone.

 Seems he was always biting Mac in those days.  He still does some, but not as much.  I think Mac worked very hard at ignoring Jazz in the early days.  Jazz in response found that biting got Mac's attention!

A "Jazz in bag" pic.  

I just love this one of Jazz!  The expression on his face is hilarious.  :)

I have been a bit . . . i think one of my submitted pics should win.  Duane did some excellent shots.  Of course, there are over 46,000 entries!  Also, Duane pointed out to me that Ree (PW) really favors "bokeh" shots.  Those are the ones where part of the pic is in focus, & the rest is out of focus & blurring into foreground/background.  We looked thru the 3 days so far where she has posted her favorites, & the large majority are bokeh shots.  But, these that i like & have submitted are mostly in focus.  

Ah, well, i get to show them off here, anyway!

This is Minx.  Or rather she was Minx, tho i usually called her "Little Girl."  I had her from a kitten.  She is the only female cat i've ever owned.  A few months after my cat Bronson died, i brought home Mac thinking that she needed a companion.  Minx hated him & acted like prey, so he stalked her & things got really bad.  I was trying to find a home for Mac & having no luck.  I was running out of options & getting desperate when my dear friend J offered to take Minx.  

That was hard for me.  I've never re-homed an animal that was mine before.  Well, not since i was a kid, anyway.  I feel an animal that i've taken on is my responsibility for the life of the animal.  But it worked.  My friend J & her hubby renamed her "Sudoku" & she ran their household!  I never treated Sudoku/Minx like the princess she knows she is, & she is rather cool to me when i visit J.  But J's husband has developed allergies to her, & they are looking for a new home for her.  We, of course, can't take her.  Even if we didn't have Mac & Jazz, i think she would be very unhappy that we are away from home so much.  

So, if you happen to think on it in the next couple of weeks, please pray that she will find a good home that is a good fit for her.  She's a bit high strung & gets anxious easily, & seems rather fearful.  I'm worried, but can't do anything to "fix" this.  

Thanks.  :)



Mrs. Mac said...

You and Duane have some really great shots of your cats Jazz and Mac. I think in some of the pics they were hamming it up ;) Funny little creatures .. so much more independent than a dog .. although in Minx/Sudoku sounds like he/she needs attention. I hope some of your photos get chosen for the blog contest.

Amrita said...

Love your cute kitty pictures. All of them look so happy and contented. You take good care of them Kathryn

Land of shimp said...

They're lovely photographs! You're right, of course, over at the Pioneer Woman the pinnacle of achievement is the in/out of focus balance :-) I like them, personally but I also love a well lit one, and your glamour shot is gorgeous.

We can never get shots of our cat. First of all, we're both dreadful photographers. Rob's truly a menace with his camera, he could catch Helen of Troy at a bad angle, I'm telling you. I love the man dearly, but this is not his gift. If it's alive, he shouldn't photograph it. He once took a picture of his poor mom in mid-laugh, and I swear, she looked positively deformed. If you ever see Rob coming at you with a camera, freeze! Don't speak, don't move. For the love of all things merciful, never chew! It's the only way you can emerge from the situation not wishing to chase him around the room with heavy objects.

The other thing is that the darned cat always, always, always comes up to investigate the camera. He can be dead asleep, and some sixth sense wakes him just in time for me to get another picture of his extreme closeup.

But yours are lovely, and I think you should win :-)

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Mrs. Mac! Of course with over 46,000 entries, i don't see how she can make a choice at all. But i still think the "glamor shot" of Jazz should at least be mentioned!

Hi Amrita! I enjoyed your story about the kitty in your house. I take it that Sheba would dispatch a kitten easily if she got to it? Glad she got away.

Alane, you always make me laugh. :) I think 90% of pics taken of me must have been taken by Rob, only i didn't know it! LOL Cats are funny, aren't they? I don't know how they have 6th sense about certain things, but they sure have a talent that way.

Amrita said...

I would surely protect the poor kitty from Sheeba, no I wouldn 't let her get close.LOL

All the best for your cats, may you be the winner