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08 March 2010

Last night i had the strangest dream . . .

Not really, but that song is going thru my head right now.  (Matthew Wilder, yes i'm old!)

I made spaghetti last night with the sauce Rebecca & i made Friday.  (It needed mushrooms, but i forgot to buy them.)  

I made them with this GF pasta, & let me tell you, it was wonderful!  Far & away the best GF pasta i've found yet.  Duane didn't realize it was GF.  This company knows how to do it right!  Hope i can find more of it.  

Now, over all, i will admit that when you go GF, i believe that it is best NOT to find a lot of substitutes for the bread/pasta/grains that you previously ate.  I think the healthiest diets are those with minimal carbs (meaning severely limited sugars/sweeteners, pasta/bread, & grains).  I will admit - i love sugar!  I loved baked goods.  And sometimes i miss pasta.  But i am trying to limit how much of these things i have in my life.  But . . . when you're going to eat them, they might as well be good.  And the spaghetti we had by Andean Dream was good!

I've been routinely attending the Monday AM knit group.  I like it.  These folks aren't friends (yet, we're "friendly" currently) but it is so good to connect with people.  I've missed it.  

I've started knitting a baby blanket for my niece.  I've no idea when she is due.  From the FB posting, i would guess August?  Do i need to say this is hard for me?  

I knew, with my first husband, that we wouldn't have children.  I wanted them, but we had male factor infertility.  (And, as we are divorced, of course it was the best thing.  He also had a daughter by a previous marriage & he didn't do right by her, he would not have done anything for our children had we had them.)  

When Sis #2 was pregnant with her first, i frankly was heartbroken with jealousy.  It didn't help that when i talked to her she went on & on & on about the discomforts of said pregnancy, or later, about breastfeeding.  (I've mentioned that Sis #2 tends to be a bit narcissitic?)  

I called Sis #2 after reading the FB info.  Again, honestly, i'm again heartbroken with jealousy.  Life sure isn't very fair.  It's not that i don't want my niece (EJ) to have children, but i sure wish we could be blessed that way, too.

Sis #2 talked for quite a long time.  She's a lot going on in her life & most of it is not easy or pleasant right now.  I didn't share my feelings about EJ's pregnancy, but Sis did talk about it.  She feels "disrespected."  Say what???

EJ was a month short of 20 when she married last June.  She promised her parents (& her future husband promised too) that she would finish college before having children.  My sis feels that her daughter should keep her promises & when she gave her word, to live up to it.

I will agree with my sis on some things.  The family EJ married into holds no respect for education.  Several promises made before the wedding (by the groom's family) were not kept.  The FIL has been pushing them to have children "ASAP" when it really is none of his business.  

But as for my sister feeling "disrespected" because her daughter is having a child now?  Pssst!  She needs to realize that EJ didn't need her permission to marry when she did.  She was of age.  Personally, i think it would be better if EJ & T had not made promises before marrying (about school, family, etc.) but i think my sis needs to realize that her daughter is an adult & able to make her own choices.  If the plans she had before her marriage didn't go the way they intended?  That's life.  I think it is funny to hear my sis talk as if she could have stopped EJ from getting married.

They say we're expecting another couple of inches of snow tonight/tomorrow, & earlier i did see clouds coming over the mountain.  But if it is snowing, it much be on the west end of the valley.  My window view currently shows a cloudless, deep blue sky.  Much of the snow has melted off, but in thow this AM i could see where there are still places that the berms are still 8-10 feet high.  But most are much smaller.  The one along our curb is about a foot & a half.  

I think i kind of over-did the work on Friday.  I haven't had to have strict bed rest since then, but much more than "normal" for me.  I'm getting tired much faster & easier, & i'm also having a hard time staying warm.  I seem to get chilled & can't warm up again.  I think it was ok for the first week of working with Rebecca, to get used to doing things together & how i prefer things done.  I'm not going to be able to keep it up, tho.  

We were at the Lutheran church yesterday.  First time in a month we'd been there.  Not sure when we'll go again.  Duane will be away on Palm Sunday doing the last weekend of his SAR training.  Traditionally, Palm Sunday is when this church celebrates with baskets & an Easter egg hunt for the kids & a potluck for the adults - well everyone - we do let the kids eat too.  This will be our 4th Easter in BB, & we've always attended this, & Duane usually helps.  Don't know if i want to go without him.  And as far as potlucks go, i usually can't trust food unless it is raw vegetables or something i've made myself. 

I have to say the sermon yesterday was the best i've heard him give in ages, maybe 2 years or more.  I really enjoyed it.  The way this church functions, church is early, at 9 AM.  Then they have almost an hour of "Fellowship" with snack foods.  They they (usually but not always) have a Bible study/Sunday school after that.  We don't stay for the BS/SS.  Yesterday i rushed Duane out so that we wouldn't be there for that at all.  The sermon was so good, i didn't want to hear another opinion from the pastor that might ruin it.

It has been a good choice for us not to attend the BS/SS.  Today at knitting i was visiting with someone who attended there for a while.  She labels herself as "somewhat liberal."  I would label myself as "moderately conservative."  The pastor there i would label as "extremely conservative."  Maybe even rabidly so.  It doesn't always come thru in his sermons, but from what this person said it was very apparent in the BS/SS teachings.  

I think i knew that, however.  I've been there later during BS/SS time, on the days i help with fellowship & am in the kitchen cleaning up.  The pastor will show movies but stop every few minutes to give his commentary/opinion, or history of what they are covering, or whatever.  That would drive me NUTS!  Besides the fact that i often - strongly - disagree with his opinion.  I would want to watch the whole thing before being interrupted.  (I almost said "before having discussion" but what he does is not discussion.) 

Not really fair to insert here, but another blog today (i don't remember if it was Jo's or Cindy's - ah i see it was Cindy) called someone a "twit."  I don't know the person involved, but she quoted the dictionary reference:  (the 3rd definiton) "an insignificant or bothersome person."  (The 4th definition is "an excited state; dither.")  I think this is why i don't Twitter!  (I'm bothersome enough already.)

Alane - i agree, part of the reason FB doesn't work all that well for me is that i do crave a deeper connection to people.  I'm not any closer to anyone at FB, but i know more about them.  However, it does keep me aware of "family news" i'd probably otherwise miss out on.  For that it is worth it to me to stay there.

Having said that about fatigue, i'm tired!  The snow still on our upstairs deck from the mid-January snow was bugging me.  It had melted off around the edges.  Also on the edges what was left was about 8 inches deep, but the middle part was 2 feet, heavy packed snow & icy.  I tossed some off the deck & Duane came out & helped.  I broke up what was left of the deep stuff & Duane says he'll pitch it over the side later. 



justme said...

we thought t was gluten intolerant for some time and ended up trying every pasta we could find. you are right, it is VERY hard to find a good substitute. we found one, that was right texture-wise, but it had herbs or something in it.

Mrs. Mac said...

How good to find a pasta that hubby didn't know was 'different';) I have some quinoa/corn pasta that's good tasting .. but rather yellow looking. Your pictures of BB on the previous blog are so beautiful. We missed out on the snow .. maybe later this year we'll get our share. You sure have had more than enough this winter. I can only imagine how (internally/emotionally) upsetting it would be to have motherhood surrounding you .. and making baby blankets. From an outsider's perspective, with the level of fatigue you suffer, having the additional responsibility of a child would be so physically draining .. that said .. the pain must be just as overwhelming. I wish we lived closer and could lend you a hand once in a while. May God give you a boost of energy this week. Blessings to you.

Amrita said...

A stray cat entered our house but she escaped before Sheeba spied her

Land of shimp said...

Oh, oh, I have a recommendation for you! Pasta made for Quinoa (which I take it is pronounce "Keen-wah"...wheeee). It's actually quite good.

Also without having to click Matthew Wilder:

Last night I had the strangest dream
I sailed away China
in a little rowboat to find you
but you said you had to get your laundry clean

didn't need no one to hold you
what did that mean?

She said: Ain't nothin' gonna break-a-my-stride
Nothing going to slow me down
Oh no!
I got to keep on moving.

[/end online version of Karaoke]

I love that song.

Gosh, twenty is awfully young to have a child. She's still so young herself. Ah well, luck to them all.

I don't think you're jealous, Kathryn. Jealousy is about resenting that someone has something you don't...and not wanting them to have it, either. I think you just always bump into the "Why not me?? Why?" whenever someone is expecting, and it's painful. I think you feel unfairly deprived then. It's understandable, and I'm sorry it is such a source of sorrow for you.

Kathryn said...

Just Me - i take it you're not doing gluten free any more. If you ever do, this pasta is worth it.

Mrs Mac - i've several blends of different pastas. I have corn, quinoa, rice, & amaranth in different blends. The thing i find about all of them is that they don't soak water the way wheat pasta does, so they don't seem to expand much at all. Also, if i don't watch them carefully the state between "not done" & "mush" is almost imperceptible until it is too late. I appreciate that you understand my baby feelings.

Amrita - i mentioned your story on the other post. Sheba wouldn't be happy if you adopted a kitten, would she?

Alane - this pasta is made of quinoa & it is soooo good! My only sorrow was when i went back to the store, they only had the spaghetti by this company & i bought the last 2 boxes. I tried to recommend to the store manager that they expand that brand, but they were very busy that day.

I think the reason Matthew Wilder's song was going thru my head was because of the "Andean Dream" brand. I've always loved that song & its energy too (& you do online karoke so well!). I remember when it came out that the comment about:

Last night I had the strangest dream
I sailed away China
in a little rowboat to find you
but you said you had to get your laundry clean

was that it sounded just like something that would happen in a dream.

Twenty is young to have a child. So is 21 (i think she'll not have the baby until after her birthday). But lots do it. My "unofficial foster brother" is now a grandpa as his 16 year old step-daughter just had a daughter. My Montana Mom thinks he & his wife will end up raising her.