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30 May 2010

Almost worse

Ok, i bit the bullet & talked to the pastor about what happened Friday.  It didn't go very well, in my opinion.  I thought i could be brief about it, but i can't, so i moved that part over to my other blog.  

We did do a little garage sale-ing yesterday, we went in that Jeep.  Yup, after about 5 stops it didn't want to start.  It took Duane about 20 minutes to locate the problem & fix it.  (We ARE fortunate that way; he's good.)  I'm not sure he is likely to get me out in that Thing again.  Not until he has a complete set of tools to fix it, anyway.  

Duane took a tumble yesterday on his climb.  Or, actually, on his descent.  He called himself "stupid" & said he was kind of showing off.  He had been the fastest to make the ascent, & was coming back down - partially running to pass some other folks, & lost his footing on a rock & scree.  He scraped the heel of his L hand, & jarred his L & R wrists & mildly scraped his R elbow.  

We washed it & dressed the wounds (myrrh oil & manuka honey).  His L wrist didn't bother him much at first.  But later it began aching.  We tried icing it & i gave him some aspirin, but the pain increased & kept doing so.  Finally, near 7 PM he decided that he needed to get it checked.  

BUT, he carries Kaiser insurance.  The nearest Kaiser facility that would be open by the time we arrived was 1-1/2 hours away.  So, down the hill we went.  He's had Kaiser insurance since Feb 2009, but this is the first time he's used it.  (We may revisit the whole idea of Kaiser because of the distance, except, i don't think there are any BB docs on the other insurance he could get, & we still might not be able to use BB UrgentCare or ER.)

I will say, i was dreading going there on a holiday weekend, but they were very efficient & not too many folks were there.  We were in & out in just under 2 hours, so we arrived home not too long after midnight. 

It is strained, not broken.  (Broken = bone; sprain = ligament; strain = muscle/tendon)  We are thankful.  They gave him a wrist brace to prevent him from overusing it for a while.  He also got Vicoden (he'd never had it before).  The Kaiser doc told him he shouldn't do aspirin.  (Sorry, Tylenol & Ibuprofen are horrible too, in my opinion.)   He took one last night & hasn't seemed to need it since.  Also, now that i know that the problem is muscle/tendon (tho i'll make sure he sees the chiropractor this week to check that everything is in place) i can do massage & use my favorite pain cream on him:  Boswellin Cream by Nature's Herbs (you can find this at a much better price elsewhere).  Good stuff!

These are the pics Duane took from the top of Bertha Peak.  More to follow, i'm sure, as he does six more summits in the area.  One will be Sugarloaf, the tallest peak around Big Bear Valley, & at least one will be in the mountain range seen in pics 3, 4, & 5 - the ones in the background with snow still on them. 



Amrita said...

The photos refresh my humidity drenched soul Kathy.

So sorry about Duane 's accicent. Hope he is not in pain.

"That Jeep" is almost like my Dad 's Red Riding Hood" and City Girl" nicknames for our old second hand cars which we sold .

I will read your other blog too.

Rosemary said...

You have so much beauty around you - and a real eye for photography.

I'm terribly sorry for Duane, thank goodness there wasn't a break but I'm sorry he is hurting. I will go to your other blog to read about the incident, I read your other post and I think they over-reacted BIG time but ah well.

Bob-kat said...

What gorgeous photos! These are worth the climb so thanks for sharing!

I am glad that he is not seriously hurt, through sprains can take so long to heal.

Mrs. Mac said...

Loved the pics. Sorry to read that Duane tumbled and was injured. Just got back from San Luis Obispo area .. glad to be back to cooler weather and green vegetation.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - i'm sorry you're in pain & having trouble with the humidity. Do you have fun memories about your dad's cars?

Duane isn't in too much pain. He only took the one pill that first night. He seems to be healing well.

Rosemary - we are so very blessed where we live. And that Duane likes to hike & climb & takes such good pics. :)

Thanks, Bob-kat. I think Duane likes to climb. He is planning to do all the hikes but the last one (conflict that day) but i'm sure he'll climb that mountain before long.

Hi Mrs. Mac! I'm so thankful he wasn't injured more seriously, too. Hopefully this will make him a bit more cautious in the future.

San Luis Obispo? I'm sure home is much more pleasant this time of year. I find going to OC not so thrilling now. It feels much too hot for me. Of course they've so many beautiful things blooming now.

Terra said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I like the photos of mountains. I hope Duane is healing quickly and fully.

Kathryn said...

Hi Terra,

thanks for visiting, & even more for leaving a comment. :)

Duane seems to be doing quite well, thank you. The chiropractor worked on him today, but not too much was jarred out of place.