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28 September 2010

Down the hill

Yesterday Los Angeles had the highest temperature ever recorded (since they began keeping track, sometime in the 1880s) at 113F.  Several other cities have hit record highs, too.  It has even been "hot" in Big Bear.  We were having typical September weather for here:  Highs in the 60s and 70s, lows in the 30s and 20s (we had 3 days of lows between 24 and 26).  But we are having a heatwave with a couple of days at 82 (the high for all of this very cool summer was 84; since we've lived here BB has never had a day above 91, and that was a one day thing), the lows only in the low 40s.

Today we have to go down into that heat.  It is expected to "cool" by a couple of degrees from yesterday, but remain hot for several days.  Sigh.  I'd stay home if i could, but i can't.

Thank y'all for the kind remarks on the baby issue.  I didn't mean for the post to regress to that, but it did.  I'm really struggling to come to peace on this; to have someone pop up (casually) and offer to surrogate for us puts me in a tailspin because i am not at peace.  It is a roller coaster.  Thank you for not slamming me about it.   

Yesterday i took pics of the baby bibs i made (most of them).  If i've time later today i'll post them.  Also got some more pics of the blanket i made because the pics i did before didn't show the colors all that well.  Don't know if what i did yesterday will be any better, however.  I plan to drop off those things this week.  

We have to leave this AM a little earlier than we normally do (we are pretty casual about when we leave on Tuesday, except the occasion when we have to be somewhere at a certain time).  We are both going to see new doc.  My appointment is at 11.30.  So, we will soon know what his recommendations are based on the mess from the tests.  I know how to "read" those tests, in general, but i don't know how to see patterns and/or how to put together a treatment from the jumbled mess i've seen.



That corgi :) said...

safe travels! it was miserably hot inland yesterday; so far this morning at 8:15, the sun isn't out and it is a bit overcast, which makes you wonder if it will be muggy as the day goes on. I hope you get answers from the doctor that you see today


Kathryn said...

Hi Betty. :)

Thanks for coming by. I'd hate to be in your area now. I don't tolerate heat well.

We got some answers from the doc, but it will be a couple of months of treatment before we know if it will make a difference to me.

Hope you're surviving the heat!

Amrita said...

Hi Kathryn, I read about estrogen good for certain things. Wonder i f I should try it... for pos t menupausal problems.

Kathryn said...

Hi Amrita - thanks for the suggestion. I think my estrogen level is fine, but i'm not post menopausal yet. I'll remember this when i get to that place.