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18 November 2010


Yep, i'm making an unhappy face.  Currently X is feuding with Y, and G is angry with E, A thinks B doesn't treat him/her right, and it is all like a house of cards.

The end result is that Duane's parents are not coming to Big Bear for Thanksgiving.  They are going to his step-brother's house.  I think Duane is tempted to stay home and make dinner here, but we have already committed to going to his Aunt and Uncle's place.  Well, step-Aunt and step-Uncle and things are getting so that i don't know that we will use titles in the future.  Huh.

However, this means that i don't have to host 5 other folks at my house.  I kind of freak when Duane's parents come, thinking my house has to be "perfect."  It means that probably Thanksgiving will be more relaxed.  We will spend some time with the group of folks, but not as much as we would have, otherwise.  

I'm thankful, too, that we have the option to decide how to respond to whatever comes our way.  Of course, we are struggling to decide the best way to handle things, but i'm so thankful to know that we do have choices.  

Today i also ran into a friend (Duane asked if the vehicles had much damage!).  It was fun to chat with her for a few minutes.  I always forget she works at a big bookstore in town.  I rarely go in there.  

The doctor visit went well, too.  He laughed at me when i told him i was nervous about seeing him.  He is very pleasant.  But he strongly encouraged me to stick to the dietary restrictions, especially the items i'm struggling with the most (milk, eggs, tomatoes).  He did give me an opening, however.  I've been trying to eat "low carb" with all the other restrictions.  He said let that go because with all the restrictions i currently am under, low carb is not do-able.  I doubt i'll add much grain into the diet, but it means i don't need to feel guilty if much of what i eat ends up being corn and peas (organic, of course).  And, i don't have much intention to sticking to restrictions during the coming holiday!

One other thankful - my husband has such a good sense of humor.  It is fun to giggle together.  :)



lisa said...

Sometimes it is better to not have family for the holidays. I am lucky in that I love my in laws (all of them). That doesn't happen often. I wouldn't worry about your home, from what I can see it is lovely and no one should complain, they don't have to live in it! You keep on giggling! My hubby and I keep each other up also in spirit!

Lorie said...

Why is it that the holiday bring out the worst in families. Enjoy your more relaxed Thanksgiving.

It is a blessing you are able to laugh together with your hubby.

That corgi :) said...

It is sad that families have such hard times getting along with each other; our very support system and often it seems we are against each other more than for each other (generally speaking). I think it will be a more restful and enjoyable holiday for you though! Glad the doctor's visit went well too!

wonder if you guys will get some snow this weekend?


Kathryn said...

Hi Lisa! We still are going to spend it with some family, and my sis is coming, for which i am very grateful. Actually this family division has been coming for a long time. I kind of held it together a couple of years ago, but it was coming.

But i have to say, i'm very lucky, too, in my ILs. They have been very kind to me.

Lorie - i don't know. I do know that in general families should not loan money to one another, and in that same vein, i don't think it is good if one member works for another. That seems to be largely what this is about.

Yes, i'm so blessed in my hubby!

Hi Betty, yes, family issues can be quite a pain. For some reason Duane's step-family seems to be much more in competition with one another than pull together and be a support system. But i don't know. I'm not very good with family (my own) so i may be too critical.

Yes, snow is predicted! I guess you'll be getting rain. Hope you have wonderful holidays, too.