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17 November 2010

What is wrong with me?

I'm not usually a tearful person.  But every once in a while, i seem to hit a day where everything seems to make me sad and feel like tearing up (tho i rarely do).  Today a be landed on my windshield and i carried it about a mile and a half north of where it landed.  Will it be able to find its way back?  Was it dying?  What on earth is wrong with me?

Also, i seem to have "lost" two days somewhere.  In my head, today is the 15th.  What is up with that?

I think part of the problem is my dear sweet hubby has an issue in his life we can't fix.  Has to do with family.  I cannot in any way make it better.  All i can do is stand by and pray that i'm a comfort rather than a hinderance.

Trouble with gratitude here?

Ok.  Deep breath.  I'm thankful i'm seeing the naturopathic doctor tomorrow.  I'm still really struggling with the diet issues and i'm hoping he will have some answers (tho i'm a bit afraid to see him, too).  I'm thankful that i've the money to do the shopping for our guests coming next week.  Money has been tight recently, so i'm thankful there is the cash to buy groceries.  :)

I'm thankful i've more energy, too.  The improvement has rather leveled out, "plateaued" as it is - but i have a greater amount over all.  That is a BIG thank you!  Also, as i reported a while ago, the cough is almost all gone.  This is also a BIG thank you, as that malady for me normally takes a couple of months or more to heal.  I also had a fairly busy (for me) week at work.  And i didn't struggle to do it all, either. 



Meadowlark said...

Nothing is wrong with you... we are creatures of emotion and feeling chicklet! EMBRACE those tearful days. I cried today when I watched a 1950s movie about women "heading west..." to meet cowboy husbands. An old black and white and yet I got all choked up at the fact that there WERE women who did that and they were the toughest, bravest old coots imaginable. No reason for tears, and yet....

so just embrace 'em chica and we'll cry with you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,we all need some cry time. It's healthy if we allow the tears to carry away the pain and sorrow and leaves us fresh. You know, like how the earth is fresh after a summer shower. Just try to avoid hurricane force depressions!!!! There! I think I have overkilled that analogy.

Sorry about Duane's family problems. You can't choose your family, unfortunately.

That corgi :) said...

hoping the appointment goes well tomorrow! I think we all have days where we feel bit sad or overwhelmed or distressed whatever. hoping tomorrow will be a better one


Amrita said...

I am also facing some tough problems in my ministry and miss my family.

Pray Duane 's problems are solved an d your appointment goes well.

lisa said...

Hang in there girl! I am sorry to hear about the hubby, but I know it does help to have you by his side! My hubby always says it helps to be able to come to me and vent when he needs too. He is gone all week on his job and sometimes he gets really upset when he has to work on the weekends and when he calls me and vents at least it makes him feel like he has someone to talk to! I think we all have those days where all you want to do is sit down and cry all day! Us, girls are just emotional people! Today's economy is not good, so don't feel bad, I think money is tight all over, we just do the best we can and hang in there! Chin up and keep thinking about the positive things, you have been doing a great job with that! You always have your blogging buddies ;)