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12 November 2010

Winter is coming

Today, as it frequently is, is a day of beautiful blue skies and evergreen trees. 

I'm thankful that our house is green now instead of this blue!

Yesterday the high was 37F and the low 14!  That is winter weather, although it is still fall and we don't yet have snow.  Today is warmer, it is 48F out now.  I'm thankful for our wood stove, although a bit concerned about how quickly we are likely to go thru our wood pile.  

Yesterday Duane drove all the way home as i was feeling very achy and sick.  I rested most of the evening, and had some pomegranate and cherry juice laced with some vitamin C.  (Also took a large dose of Vitamin D3.)  I had taken quite a bit of Vitamin C Wednesday night in 4 divided doses.  Yesterday i took a larger dose, not giving it much thought.  I took it to "saturation" (TMI alert, if you want to read about it, you can check this info:  Doctor Yourself.)  I find this very uncomfortable.  My body doesn't tolerate much Vitamin C.  While this website proposes huge doses of Vitamin C to combat many illnesses, and i don't deny that he has good info, i hit "saturation" and discomfort at a much smaller dose.  My max is about 3 grams a day.  

But i'm feeling better today, tho i've not done much.  We'll see how the rest of today goes.  I think i'm going to stick to mostly juices for the next couple of days.  With Manuka honey of course.  And i've been slowly munching on our pine nuts.  I'm also rather tempted by the cookies and bread N made while we were down the hill.  

I think this weekend will be mostly rest, relax, maybe make a few Christmas gifts, and plan for shopping next week.  The following week we'll be having company, tho we are not having the Thanksgiving meal here at Sugarbear.  Duane's Aunt and Uncle have a weekend home west of here a couple of miles.  The family come up for Thanksgiving there, although some of the folks stay with us.  I'll be staying home to prepare.

So, i'm thankful that for Thanksgiving we don't have to travel.  I'm thankful that i don't have to have the big meal at our house.  I'm thankful that we will be with family for the holiday, but i get to sleep in my own bed after wards.  I'm thankful that my work schedule allows me the freedom to take time to prepare (which for me includes much rest.)



That corgi :) said...

loved all the pictures! Your bear makes your house so welcoming indeed!! I know everyone's body is different, but when I find myself maybe getting sick, I take a lot of Vitamin C and can usually prevent the sickness.

Sounds like Thanksgiving will be a nice celebration! Always good to have it over someone else's home, especially if it is a dear family member!


Amrita said...

Th e pictures are fantastic an d its pretty cold your place.

When I have a cold an d cough Vit. C gives me energy, otherwise I like natural products too.

Hope you are feeting good.

Kathryn said...

Thank you Betty. We like our bear. We got him from a the guy who sold us the wood stove.

Yes, our Thanksgiving is a blessing.

How is packing for the move coming along?

Hi Amrita, yes, it is getting quite chilly here. You don't have too much cool weather where you are at, do you?

I am feeling better today, except some headache that will take care of itself before long.