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21 February 2013

Not a lot to say

. . . at least not that i want to share publicly.  I'm struggling with negativity, again.

We made it home last night quite safely and in good time.  I think Duane spent about 40 minutes using the snowblower to clear off the drive and other places we walk.  They'd been predicting up to 2 feet of snow, but we're guessing that we only got about 12 inches, and then that compacted during the day to about 8.  It was quite heavy, and there was still snow in the trees.  

Duane was up very early this morning to attend the funeral of the slain Deputy Sheriff.  

I've been doing a ketogenic diet to try to have more energy and to lose weight.  I've dropped 10 pounds thus far, but don't really feel it in my clothes.  I think i'm losing it in my legs, 'cause my trunk, chest, and arms snow no difference.  I find this a bit discouraging, but am determined to carry on.

I did start a new supplement on Tuesday.  It tastes horrible, but i'm willing to give it a try for at least a month to see if it helps.


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