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20 February 2013


NOT in Big Bear!  We have months of cold weather ahead, and if we are going to be serious about gardening, we need to build some cold frames.

Orange County has these trees bloom.  Of course Orange County has essentially no winter.  It does get down to freezing sometimes, and if the high is in the 50s people complain about "how cold" it is outside.  

These blossoms are out now.   I've never learned what kind of tree it is.  (And just spent about 10 minutes looking in Google with no results.)  It looks to me like a crab apple, but it never has any fruit.  They are so beautiful right now.

It is a little late in the year for them, it seems to me.  I remember them usually blooming mid-January to early February.  They are coming out full, right now.  

By being both on the mountain and in OC for two days, we get the best of both worlds.  We've had 12 inches of snow at home since leaving yesterday morning.  We won't see blooms in BB until the end of March or April, hopefully won't see our fruit trees bloom until into May, otherwise the blooms will get frosted.

(This website says that it could be a Bradford Pear, except the fall colors are multi rather than maroon.  I personally don't understand ornamental trees - why have them ornamental when you could have fruit?  Neither Duane nor i like our ornamental plum.)



Kathi said...

I so remember walking around SoCal in January bundled up in a sweater and thinking it was so cold. I always laughed at myself because it obviously didn't take long to acclimate to the warmer climate (I grew up in Central IL where the winter's were bitter cold.).

Today, after walking around downtown Portland in the rain and 45 degree temp, it took me a long time to warm up. But, it's not so cold here that our daffodils have popped up!

Kathryn said...

Funny, isn't it, how our blood "thins" to the warmth in So Cal? I don't tolerate the heat down there very well at all.

Daffodils! I bet that is simply lovely. It seems early to me. We won't see them here until mid-April or later. They are such a sunny face, even in the rain, aren't they?