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26 June 2013

First of two

I am GOING to take pics today and will post them later!

Olivia and someone new are coming today to help in the house and do some cooking.  I need to go to the store for mozzarella and something else . . . um i don't remember now (i miss my brain!) but i know it starts with "m" because i thought, "Two 'm's' - i'll remember that!"  Not milk as i don't buy milk at the grocery.  Oh!  Meat (grass-fed organic ground beef) for Duane.

I had 3 cubic yards of dirt/topsoil delivered yesterday.  It is quite a lot and should do for what we need. It will take some time to move it but i should be able to plant some stuff soon.

The time with Loren and Zane was challenging.  He is a sweet little boy.   I do mean that.  He can be thoughtful and fun.  However, the amount of disrespect for adults that particular six year old displayed was exhausting.  He does not recognize boundaries or limits and challenges everything when he is directed.  It took a lot of energy from us both.  I think his mama really is trying.  Random reinforcement is the strongest way to encourage negative (or positive) behavior.  I had a two day display of how true that is.

Obviously i could say a lot more on that subject, but i think it better to leave it there.



Kathi said...

I work retail at a children's store and I am often amazed at how kids respond to their parents. Equally amazing is how nonresponsive some parents are to their kids. We have an interesting generation to watch turn into adults.

lisa said...

I have to agree, seems that parents sometimes have a lot less control than someone else does, but yet at other times parents are the ones that need to learn the disappline. I think I spelt that word wrong?

Kathryn said...

Yes, Kathi. I find the whole thing scary to contemplate.

Hi Lisa, i think many of today's parents did not have any discipline themselves, and so don't know how to exert it with their kids. So many times they have handed their power to the kids, and that upside-down result is not good for anyone.