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24 June 2013

Life . . . It Just Keeps Coming

I've had lots that i've thought of and meant to write, but the days keep passing and i've not done it.

Partly because i've wanted to add pics of the garden and greenhouse/sunroom and i've not gotten those done.

We've made some beds outside for the plants, but i need to get dirt delivered.  Part of me is screaming, "But it is almost July!" and feeling anxious to get it done.  The rest of me keeps saying, "Calm down !  I can only do so much and what happens, happens."

I have transplanted a few things.  Some have managed well, others not so much.  There was a watering snafu this last week and some of our precious soil got washed away.  However, we have created some of our own soil !  We have been composting - or at least collecting stuff for compost - for a couple of years now.  But it is very dry here and we'd not been watering it thoroughly.  We moved the pile recently and found we had three 5-gallon buckets full of enough soil to use in our beds.  That is a drop in the bucket of what we need and what there is to be broken down in the compost pile, but i consider it a triumph none the less.

My SIL Loren is here with her son Zane.  We were pretty sure that this was going to be another time when she said she'd come, but did not.  We waited all day yesterday (and put in a couple of phone calls that were not answered or returned).  I don't handle things like that well.  When we got the call at six (PM) that she was getting ready to leave we were surprised.  Disappointed as well because Zane loves Duane.  We had hoped Duane would have Sunday and Monday to spend with him, but they didn't arrive until late Sunday (they finally got here about 10, we drove down to meet them because she isn't comfortable on the mountain roads), and Duane has to be in OC the entire week this week.

The OC Knit Group is coming up this weekend, they are to arrive on Friday.  I'm looking forward to that.

. . .

I started this in the early AM.  It is now about 12 hours later and i'm exhausted!  Wondering how i'll make it thru the week, but hopefully that will pass and i'll sleep well tonight.  Got some more stuff planted in the garden.  It is late, i know, but it doesn't hurt to try.  I've a load of dirt to be delivered tomorrow.

Earlier in the day was very cool and it has been quite windy.

Here's an old pic for the meantime:

Our roses are blooming a look so lovely.

As always, our mountains and lake are stunning.

New pics to come before long, i hope.



Kathi said...

Late June looks beautiful for you! All is not lost on your garden. You still have plenty of time! If you like garlic, it's a very easy veggie to plant. Plant it in the fall and it will be ready in the spring.

Mrs. Mac said...

My first'impromptu garden did not get planted until June and did fine. Zucchini grows quickly. You can only do so much then head to the farmers market.

Kathryn said...

Thanks, Kathi. I'd been meaning to try garlic for a long time. I forgot to plant last fall, but i did plant this spring just to see how it would turn out. I have one container of garlic and another of onions.

Hi, Mrs. Mac! I have several different squashes including zucchini. In fact, i think i have 3 zucchini plants, which could mean a surplus if they really get going. I'm not sure how much i trust the farmer's market, although i do get stuff there. They meet Tuesday - when we head down the hill, although sometimes we go there first. :) I was there yesterday and got berries, celery, broccoli, and a few other things.